Tuesday, December 03, 2013

New Wool Winter Hats at Powderfin.com...

We have some great new styles in stock from Everest Designs in Missoula, as well as a few from Sherpa Adventure Gear.

Here's a peek:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LoG Jam - October 2013

I had a rare opportunity to for an all guys trip to Land of the Giants on the Missouri in early October, and was able to confirm that the place lives up to it's name.  It was rare in the fact that in my buddy's busy lives of girlfriends, wives, summer visitors, new babies, jobs, and businesses, like most folks, we are generally unable to all get away at the same time.  This weekend the starts aligned, and we headed out on Friday afternoon with a couple of power boats full of gear, a little beer, and a whole bunch of hope for big trout.

I think we were a bit early for the huge browns to be doing their fall spawning thing, but the rainbows were eager to oblige, and we took full advantage.  After a morning of catching several sizeable fish on nymphs, we switched up to streamers in the evening for a change of pace and a chance at a real bruiser.  The ol' Sparkle Minnow did it's thing in the waning hours of the day, producing this guy.

My buddy John lucked out by catching a walleye on the fly as well, which paired nicely with a couple teals that my roomate downed that day.

It ended up being a great weekend getaway for the boys - minus the minor inconvenience of running out of gas on the way out on Sunday... luckily there were some kind people at the marina willing to bring us out some gas.  Nice to mark that one off the list... I hope to go back soon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

October Fishing | River Otter Fly Shop and Outfitters

October Fishing | River Otter Fly Shop and Outfitters:

Spent a great day out on the Clark Fork last Sunday with my long-time friend Brian Beckman and Missoula Guide Mark Hodek....

Pretty amazing day weather-wise for mid-October... had some luck on a Purple Raisin with a bead dropper.  Some good dry eats and some squaw, whitey's tossed in the mix.... Not to mention these two birds.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012/2013 Flylow Gear comin' in "cold". We hope!

Flylow's 2012/2013 lineup is looking good and filling up the shelves at Powderfin.com.  With some improvements to old favorites and some sure to be new winners, we're excited to show off the Flylow line.

Our only hope is that mother nature will bless us with a season full of plentiful deep dumps.  In Southwest Montana it's been a very smokey summer, and at this point we couldn't be more ready for a cool-down.

So Ullr... bring it on, brother!!!!